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G’Brand worked closely with Viet Capital Bank during its strategic transition back in 2011.  




As branding consultancy, we not only contributed to creating a new spirit, by upgrading the business core values and corporate identity but also created a new branding concept to vividly approach the customers, which had never been done in any financial brand. To remark the Gia Dinh Commercial Joint Stock Bank’s strategic transition (which was highlighted by increasing the bank capital, expanding the branches nationwide and introducing new products based on Core Banking system), we developed the brand concept by using a story of the phoenix. Phoenix is the image associated with Asian culture, symbolizing pure beauty, elegance, and luxury. Talking about the Phoenix is talking about immortal beauty and rebirth – with more powerful. The idea of the phoenix wild taking off, flying towards the sun symbolizes the inner strength that boost the brand’s prosperity and longevity.

The story of Phoenix was enhanced by the key moment of “excellence shine”, which we strategically analyzed and chose to reposition Viet Capital Bank to be the world-class standard bank with unsurpassable levels of customer services.


The brand-new position, message, as well as its commitment, have been reflected constantly through new logo – which also embrace a shining phoenix stylized image. This identity has become an integral part of all Viet Capital Bank communications, to create a professional yet friendly presence of the brand. 

Creative works

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